Welcome to Hotel Lachnerhof

Märterleinsweg 2, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
Telefon: +49-9131-7707-0, FAX: +49-9131-7707-47
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By Car
Take Exit # 84 ‘Tennenlohe’ of Highway A3 – go direction Erlangen. After Exit ‘Tennenlohe-Gewerbegebiet’ and crossing the ‘B4’, take a right into Street ‘Sebastianstrasse’. At the end of the town take a left into Street ‘Heuweg’ – straight on and you are there!
By Plane
Take a Taxi from Airport Nürnberg – it costs around 15 Euros. Or by Bus until ‘Nürnberg-Thon’ and then you continue with Bus-Line ’30’ until Stop ‘Heuweg’.
By Train
Take a Taxi from Central Station ‘Erlangen’ – it costs around 15 Euros. Or by Bus-Lines ’30’ or ‘295’ until Stop ‘Heuweg’.